From baby boomers to millennials: Pinterest reveals top generational beauty searches

By Becky Bargh 3-Feb-2020

From ‘make-up videos’ to ‘shaved hair designs’, these are the top beauty searches revealed on the social media site

Social media platform Pinterest has revealed the top beauty searches by generation, from Gen Z to X and everything in between.

According to the site’s results, Baby Boomers and Generation X are increasingly tapping into the modern world of make-up.

The number of Pinterest users in their 40s searching for ‘make-up videos’ increased by 150%, in 12 months from December 2018, while ‘eye make-up tutorial’ searches among 50 to 60-year-olds were up 74% and 140%, respectively.

Older consumers were also found to be showing an interest in edgy hairstyle choices.

Searches for ‘shaved hair designs’ grew by more than 230% among consumers in their 50s and ‘scarf hairstyles’ were up 200% among people in their 40s.

Pinterest said that the results indicated the ‘grey areas’ between generations that should be considered when trying to reach target audiences.

The results also showed users were coming full circle with people in their 20s searching for ‘60s make-up’, an increase of almost 60%.

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