Fragrance steals the show at Beautyworld Middle East


The trade show’s organisers say it has become the ‘must-attend’ event for anyone working in the fragrance market

This year’s Beautyworld Middle East show, which took place in Dubai earlier this week had three halls devoted to every step of the fragrance production process from the manufacture, packaging, raw materials and ingredients to the finished mass and niche fragrances themselves.

The show’s Group Exhibitions Director Michael Dehn, told Pure Beauty in an exclusive interview he feels the show has become the place to visit for all things fragrance. “I can confidently say this is the biggest place in the world where people come to formulate their perfumes and where they sign up for the formula, packaging and everything in-between.”

Dehn believes the show is now synonymous for its fragrance offering because scent resonates with everyone in the Middle East region.

“The biggest fragrance spenders in the world are here. The biggest per capita expense on fragrance is also here. Plus, it resonates well with the local population and culture,” explains Dehn.

The location makes it easy for Asians and Europeans to get to the show within six hours, which might explain why it has become the ideal hub for both suppliers and prospective customers.

He also points out this year’s show has grown by 11.5 per cent compared to 2016. “I believe this goes against the trend in the local retail market, which hasn’t grown at all so the show’s growth comes more from the international opportunities that are here.”

Messe Frankfurt, the show’s exhibition company has also worked hard to establish a niche fragrance offering at the show.

Dehn says: “We are very proud to see a massive increase in the number of niche fragrance brands. The niche perfumers were hand picked by us and we worked hard to bring them to the show.”

Dehn lists other key trends from this year’s show as crazy hair colours such as platinum, gold and silver, male grooming such as beard shampoos and personalised skin care formulatons.

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