Fragrance Creators Association enters the metaverse

By Austyn King 4-Jul-2022

The US-based fragrance manufacturers association aims to influence future innovations in scent for its members, including P&G and LVMH

Fragrance Creators Association enters the metaverse

Fragrance Creators Association, the US-based fragrance manufacturers association, is taking scent to the next digital level as it makes its entry into the metaverse.

As the first trade association to harness the rapidly growing Web 3.0 concept, Fragrance Creators hopes its latest development will further its mission to shape fragrance policy, address the current challenges and influence future innovations for its members across the fragrance, cosmetics and personal care sector.

“We know it is important to address the challenges and opportunities of today while also securing a stake in shaping our future,” said Farah Ahmed, Fragrance Creators President and CEO, making the announcement at the World Perfumery Congress in Miami, US, last weekend.

“By becoming a first entry trade association to join the metaverse, Fragrance Creators is well positioned to shape policy in the virtual world and to influence on new frontiers.

“I am excited to engage in this new platform and discover novel, digital ways to advance industry stewardship in aspects we have yet to imagine.”

With more than 60 member companies including P&G, Johnson & Johnson and LVMH, the US trade body represents the majority of fragrance manufacturing in the country, participating on the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) board to represent the association's members and the North American perspective for global fragrance positions and policies.

Beauty in the metaverse:

Fragrance Creators' announcement comes as an increasing number of beauty and personal care brands are harnessing their metaverse presence in ever more creative ways, from Lottie London's debut metaverse prom party to NYX's first virtual Pride parade last month.

In the world of fragrance, meanwhile, Puig-owned Byredo recently announced 'the scent of the metaverse' with its debut NFT, AlphaMeta, developed in collaboration with digital creators RTFKT.

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Made up of 26 ingredients that represent 26 wearable emotions, or 'auras', the scents are available in limited numbers that exist within RTFKT's metaverse.