Founders of P&G-owned New Chapter unveil new microbiome project

By Sarah Parsons 24-Jan-2020

For The Biome is the brainchild of serial entrepreneurs Paul and Barbi Schulick

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New skin care brand For The Biome has landed financing from JHCapital.

The family-owned cosmetics brand is the latest venture for Paul and Barbi Schulick, who founded the now P&G-owned supplement brand New Chapter in 1982.

The pair left the conglomerate in 2018 to launch For The Biome.

"I've formulated our products to deliver a sensually exceptional experience by maximising communication between our skin, now recognised as the 'third brain' and the microbiome,” said Paul Schulick.

“We're using our time-tested formulation philosophy to create the next chapter in healthy skin care and unite inner and outer beauty."

For The Biome is expected to launch in early 2020 with a Empower Powder 2-in-1 Cleanser/Mask, Invigorate Powder Mask, Soothe Powder Cleanser, Restore Essence Spray, Adapt Essence Spray, Shield Face Serum, and Awaken Eye Serum.

"Really smart people with a really good idea and the proven experience of scaling a business makes investment decisions easy," said Jim Crook, Private Equity Investor at JHCapital.

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“In addition, and very importantly, our respective approaches to building companies by always putting the customer first and treating our team members with dignity and respect, are principles that both JHCapital and For The Biome share."