Firmenich files 30 patents in "historic year"


The Swiss flavours and fragrances company has achieved what it calls a year of firsts

Swiss flavours and fragrances company Firmenich has called fiscal 2015 an "historic year" for the company – one during which it broke the CHF3bn net sales ceiling and filed 30 patents.

The privately-owned company pressed ahead with R&D "driving both incremental and breakthrough innovation", it noted in its 2015 Performance Sustainability Report – the first report of its kind to be published by the company. In the fragrance sector, Firmenich launched new ingredients and strengthened its platform of perfume delivery systems unveiling new technologies that offer 'greater bloom' and long lasting qualities such as file: EP2828240 - Compounds for a controlled release of active perfuming molecules.

Looking ahead to 2016, the company revealed it would continue to work to shape the fragrances of tomorrow by broading its understanding of consumers around the world. It also noted the impact of the increasingly digital world. The report noted: "We continually look for marketing and insight methodologies to capture consumer behaviour evolution, needs and preferences for fragrances." It added that it would continue to focus on developing new ingredients across the board from naturals to sythetics to biotech.

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From a financial point of view, the company saw net sales top CHF3bn, growing 3% in local currency and 2% in Swiss Francs, with increases across all regions. It also reached a ranking of 99A in the CDP Supplier Climate Performance Leadership Index (SCPLI), driving ahead with its sustinability practices.