Face masks set to stick in the new year


Facial sheet masks were one of 2016’s biggest skin care trends, and the sub-category quickly gained a reputation as one that just kept giving. But will sales keep rising as we head into the new year?


Asia Pacific dominated the global sheet face mask market with a share of 37.9% in 2015. It is predicted that this market will continue to lead in the coming years due to the large population and growing spending power.


Sephora Collection, Starskin and Estée Lauder are the leading companies in the global sheet face mask market.


Indonesia, Argentina, China, Brazil and India have been identified as lucrative markets for this sub-category in the next few years due to increasingly disposable incomes and changing lifestyles. Increased manufacturing presences are also expected to benefit performance.


The global market is predicted to be challenged by the poor availability of sheet face masks in certain areas and high production costs.


Try to cater to all types of consumers with varying budgets and needs in order to boost accessibility. Also, explore widening your consumer base to include men and the ageing population.

The predicted value of the global sheet face mask market by 2024

The predicted CAGR of the market from 2016-2024

The value of the market in 2015

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