Exuviance helps rebalance skin with new anti-pollution product

By Becky Bargh 11-Jun-2018

The formula features probiotic and anti-pollution ingredients and Asian-inspired essences

Exuviance is preparing to release its answer to rebalancing skin in August.

The brand’s new Probiotic Lysate Anti-Pollution Essence (£32.40) is designed to be used after toning in order to protect it from the effects of pollution.

The brand recommends massaging five or six drops onto skin before moisturising.

According to Victoria Buchanan, Strategic Researcher at The Future Laboratory: “Essences are part of a broader trend for hybrid products that are applied in fewer and lighter layers in order to boost skin quality and hydration.

“They help seal in moisture, which leaves less room for the skin to react to daily stressors.”

With cucumber, cyclamen and lily of the valley scents, the product also contains polyhydroxy acid, which is said to strengthen skin’s protective barrier, shield skin from pollution and prevent moisture loss.

Buchanan continued: “The popularity of essences really speaks to the ongoing power of the South Korean beauty market, which continues to influence the UK market with its game-changing R&D in skin care.”

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