Expac make further investment into manufacturing facility


Expac continues to review the demand coming into the business and ensure competition within the market place

Expac make further investment into manufacturing facility

Since relocating the company’s core operation back in January 2012 the management team at Expac have continually reviewed the demand coming into the business to ensure that Expac remains competitive within the market place. 12 months ago saw Expac invest roughly £250,000 into a designated alcohol blending facility as part of this continual review process.

2015 has seen the management’s attention turn to the heated blending facility that is currently in place at Expac as demand continues to grow for lotion, cream and emollient type products. As a result in this increased demand Expac are in the process of commissioning a new £200,000 two ton heated blending the vessel, with the new equipment being ready for use at the end of May 2015.

The system itself consists of a 2000 litre stainless steel vessel with contra-rotating mixing blades. The vessel has a steam jacket that is fitted with an internal spiral baffle, enabling the temperature to be increased up to 150 degrees centigrade and then rapidly cooled again should the formulation require.

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The new heated mixing vessel increases Expac’s output for lotion based products fourfold, which Expac believe will help them to open doors to a new client base which may not have been approached previously.