Expac (Preston) Ltd looks to Reshore UK to help boost export business


As the UK’s GDP is set to grow by 2.7% during 2014 there is a growing emphasis being placed on developing UK based manufacturing companies

As the UK’s GDP is set to grow by 2.7% during 2014 there is a growing emphasis being placed on developing UK based manufacturing companies with a view to increasing the growth of the UK economy. As part of this growth the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) have joined together to launch the Reshore UK scheme. Reshore UK is designed to provide a matching and location service with a designated consultant available to provide help and advice for their assigned company. The target for this scheme is to help UK SME’s to become increasingly competitive within the international market and develop their presence within the export industry.

During the past 3 years Expac has been able to achieve strong growth, predominantly through developing their UK based business links. However, this growth is beginning to plateau as ultimately there are limited opportunities within the UK. Therefore Expac are now looking to expand on their current export business. Expac have enlisted the help of the UKTI with the vision of increasing the current proportion of turnover generated from export business. Expac plans to increase the revenue generated from export to 25% of the overall turnover by the end of 2015, this is a target that both Expac and the UKTI feel is achievable for the next 22 months.

Increasing Expac’s export business isn’t an easy task as Expac aren’t offering a product, but a service. It is Expac’s aim to offer internationally based brands the opportunity to have their products manufactured within the UK and in turn, be able to use the ‘Made in Britain’ slogan on their products, something which is particularly preferable within Asian markets. The key advantage that Expac has is that they can offer a full service for an entire range of personal care products. Expac has the capability to blend, fill and pack powdered, liquid and alcohol based products, with an extremely flexible minimum order quantity. Not only do Expac offer the manufacturing capability, but the company is also seeing a lot of interest in the gift packing side of the business, particularly from foreign based companies who are looking to bring their products into the UK. This wide range of capabilities provides internationally based companies with a ‘one-stop-shop’ where they can get their entire product range manufactured, gift packed and delivered, all under one roof. Expac see this wide range of capabilities as being key to increasing their profile on the international market and something which will undoubtedly help to further develop the company.

If you want to know more information about what Expac has to offer take a look at our website on www.expac.co.uk or alternatively contact us via:

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