Eurovetrocap launches Elsa and Laurence Luxe


The cylindrical and linear shape allows for various types of decoration

Eurovetrocap launches Elsa and Laurence Luxe

Our existing 15ml and 30ml Elsa bottles and 50ml Laurence Luxe jars have been reimagined and redesigned with a smooth and polished base, giving each pack an even more fluid and elegant appearance.

The cylindrical and linear shape of this collection allows for various types of decoration: acid etched frosting, varnishing, silk screen printing and hot stamping which, combined with the smooth base, produce a unique and customised visual aesthetic.

The new smooth base, pleasant to touch, elevates the premium nature of this range still further and produces a bright, elegant look similar to crystal.

Jars and bottles designed in this way are suitable for all formulations and accessories, including droppers and dispenser pumps, allowing for precise product dispensing without excessive waste.

The ideal solution for skin care and make-up products.

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