European Commission approves nano titanium dioxide

Amendment to Annex VI of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 allows use of the nano-sized UV-blocker

The latest clarification from the European Commission Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) will be welcome by sunscreen manufacturers. Even when restricted to topical use it adds one of the most effective UV blockers to the approved use list of filters often referred to as Appendix VI.


"The use of titanium dioxide (nano) as a UV-filter in sunscreens – at a concentration up to 25% w/w – can be considered to not pose any risk of adverse effects in humans after application on healthy, intact or sunburnt skin. In addition, considering the absence of a systemic exposure, the Commission considers that the use of titanium dioxide (nano) in dermally applied cosmetic products should not pose any significant risk to the consumer."

However, the Commission warns that nano titanium dioxide is not considered safe in sprayable form, nor in any situation where it may find its way to the lungs through inhalation.

The restrictions and full guidance as to purity (99%), form (rutile), particle size (median at least 30nm), coatings and stability are all given in the official announcement.