Eurofragance appoints Juan Ramón López Gil as its new Chief Financial Officer


López Gil is coming to Eurofragance with the goal of strengthening the company’s global activity in the financial and legal arenas

Juan Ramón López Gil

Juan Ramón López Gil

Eurofragance, a company devoted to designing and creating fragrances, has named Juan Ramón López Gil to be its new Chief Financial Officer.

With the hiring of the former financial director of COMSA Group, the company has made a commitment to strengthening its global activity in the financial and legal arenas.

The new CFO’s mission is to consolidate international relations with third parties and contribute his experience in potential processes to acquire or take over companies.

Moreover, Juan Ramón López Gil will also be responsible for legal advice globally.

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Juan Ramón López Gil has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management, and MBA from ESADE and a CEMS Master’s degree from Haute Etudes Commerciales (HEC - Paris), with skills in international management, starting up affiliates and developing markets and alliances.

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