Eurofragance announces positive 2010 results

Year on year sales soar 46%

Spanish company, Eurofragance has published its financial results for 2010 with sales increasing by 46%. The Spanish company, which specialises in the design, sale and marketing of fragrances and aromas, grossed an overall income of €32.06m compared to €21.86m in 2009.

Fragrance sales have grown by 42% while the flavours division has undergone evident expansion rising by 83% with a total export of 128%. Overall exports have also risen with a 55% increase, contributing to 80% of all company sales. The EBITDA of Eurofragance has also had a dramatic rise from €4.41m in 2009 to €7.16m in 2010.

Eurofragance has established itself on four continents with subsidiaries in Turkey, Mexico, Dubai and the Philippines. The company claims that its expansive sales network and multilingual correspondents mean it can get closer to customers in every country.

These positive results have not only boosted company moral but have also increased employee numbers by 13% from the previous year.

“Eurofragance is enjoying a high level of financial stability,” said director general Santiago Sabatés. “We attribute these results to the sound planning, development and implementation of our strategy for growth. Improving our company structure was imperative for us.”

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