Estée Lauder Companies' luxury boss on marketing beauty to men


Men's beauty and grooming is on the rise as consumers are increasingly experimenting with products in the comfort of their own home

Chris Ashford-Reid, General Manager and Vice President of Tom Ford Beauty & Luxury Fragrance Brands for Estée Lauder Companies (ELC).

His CV also includes Le Labo, Editions De Parfums Frederic Malle and KILIAN Paris, all of which are popular among male and female consumers.

"In this fast paced world the male consumer has more needs than just shaving, they want to look their best in all aspects of their grooming," Ashford-Reid tells Cosmetics Business. "More specific areas of care such as serums and eye products are more specialised but in growth."

Here, in association with CEW UK, Ashford-Reid shares how ELC is catering to the modern man and which retail environments make male consumers feel the most comfortable.

What do male consumers want from cosmetics today?

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It has evolved, the shave category has traditionally been considered the primary way to attract the male consumer, however this ...

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