Essie unveils Winter 2016 nail collection


Inspired by the swinging sixties, essie takes consumers back to the "land of mod"

Essie’s winter 2016 collection is inspired by nights out in London “in the land of mod”.

The collection features six shades said to reflect the swinging sixties. Colours include: ready to boa, party on a platform, oh behave!, getting groovy, satin sister and go with the flowy.

Rebecca Minkoff, essie’s Global Colour Director, said: “When I think of London, I dream about what it was like in the swinging 1960s. It was such a scene – such a time of social revolution.

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"Youth culture dominated in a way that shocked for the staid propriety of traditional English customs. It was a time of freedom, groovy tunes and shabby chic styles and soirees that only the hippest could attend."