Escentual makes digital ‘night in’ series permanent after lockdown

By Becky Bargh 5-Jun-2020

The #NightInWithEscentual Instagram live series has hosted talks with Avene, Eucerin and Clarins

Escentual Communications and Campaigns Manager Chelsey Edmunds and Clarins' Beauty Coach Rebecca Jones

Premium beauty retailer Escentual has made its #NightInWithEscentual marketing series a permanent feature of its online content, even after UK coronavirus lockdown restrictions will be lifted.

The Instagram Live series is said to have been popular with consumers during the stay at home order.

Each episode partnered with beauty brands and Escentual editors to educate consumers on skin care, fragrance and make-up.

“The feedback we are getting from our customers is incredible and they are thoroughly enjoying them,” said Escentual’s Communication and Campaigns Editor Ceryn Lawless.

“The feel of the events is like a slumber party but talking about beauty trends and products, it’s relaxed and a lot of fun, but also extremely educational too.

“We were keen to make it feel like a light-hearted chat with friends rather than a lecture at a trade show, and with the feedback, [...] it seems like we have got the mix just right.”

The retailer has been joined by managers from skin care brands Eucerin and Avene, as well as Clarins’ Beauty Coach Rebecca Jones.

With more consumer involvement in the brand via its social channels, Escentual has reported a boost in sales.

“We have noticed a noticeable up-lift in sales of the products that are highlighted on the videos,” added Lawless.

Acqua di Parma and Guerlain are also expected to take part in the series.

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