Englewood Lab enters into a Regulatory information partnership and updates contract with a 4-year renewal term, with Ithos Global


Providing products and services to over 100 world-class beauty brands, Englewood Lab has entered into a 4-year contract term with Ithos Global.

Englewood Lab is expanding the number of users who perform regulatory search and compliance reporting within the Ithos Information Network (IIN) — Ithos Global's Compliance Reporting and New Product Introduction management system — in order to help support its expansion efforts into Korean markets and Korean language localization efforts.

Englewood Lab responds to compliance needs from its many customers, who have their own individual Ingredient Policies, with product screening reports. The SDS authoring module provided in the IIN is also used by regulatory staff at Englewood Lab.

During the last several years, Englewood Lab engaged Ithos with their Supplier Outreach services, so that Ithos' team contacted Englewood Lab's suppliers to collect missing or outdated documentation, including Certificates of Analysis, SDS's, Specification Sheets, Compositions, and other required forms.

For enhanced efficiency, a portal is available for Englewood Lab's suppliers to automatically load their own data through the IIN. All documents are reviewed, quality checked, and included in the data extraction and database creation process.

"Our relationship with Englewood Lab is a special one, since it began in 2014 as the company was becoming more main-stream in automating the compliance reporting for cosmetic products," states Ken Bubeck, Founder and CEO of Ithos Global.

"This new contract will also help us convert the User Interface into the Korean Language as we internationalize our solutions and Managed Content."

As Englewood Lab focuses on its expansion and works with Ithos to finalize the Korean language localization efforts, the company has added additional IIN licenses to its contract to be accessed within the region.

Adding additional users within the IIN allows Englewood Lab to increase its reporting management, including PIF creation and curating Safety content.

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