Egyptian Magic on how to keep a one-product brand alive


A brand doesn’t need to have hundreds of products to be a success. So what’s the best way to make a single-product brand stand the test of time?

Lord Pharaoh ImHotepAmonRa, a former water filter salesman known as Westley Howard, reportedly founded skin care brand Egyptian Magic when a mysterious Dr. Imas revealed to him how to create a cream said to be used in ancient Egypt.

Here ImHotepAmonRa talks to Cosmetics Business about believing in a single product business strategy and why belief comes before profit.

Lord Pharaoh ImHotepAmonRa

Lord Pharaoh ImHotepAmonRa

"One of the most common strategies for beauty brands nowadays is to expand their product line-up to cover all skin needs or create products based on trends.

Having one product makes you expert in that category and legitimate in the eyes of your clients. Trust is ensured because no other products are developed just for the sake of creating newness.

You might miss out on extra sales but in the end, our customers believe in our transparency and honesty and are faithful users of Egyptian Magic for their entire life and convert their family and friends, which is much more valuable to us and for any brand.

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Egyptian Magic has been on the market for 25 years with one ...

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