Eckart sells natural mica pearlescent business to Sudarshan


Sudarshan to add Prestige and Flonac-C lines to portfolio

Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd, India has acquired the natural mica pearlescent business for cosmetics from the Eckart Effect Pigments division of Altana. The business comprises all products under the brand names Prestige and Flonac-C, previously manufactured at Eckart’s Finnish plant in Pori.

Sudarshan will add the new lines to its existing pigment portfolio under the Sumicos brand name and the complete portfolio will now be manufactured at Sudarshan’s facilities.

The deal is expected to close 23 January 2012 and in future Eckart’s cosmetics business will focus on its core businesses, namely metallic effect pigments and pearlescent pigments based on borosilicates and synthetic mica.

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