Earthoil uses sugar cane to create ethanol


The company has developed a sugar cane-derived alternative to petro-ethanol

Earthoil has developed a sugar cane-derived alternative to petro-ethanol. The sustainably produced, organic and Fair Trade ethanol is made at the company’s family-owned facility in the San Antonio region of Brazil.

To create the ethanol, Earthoil has had to eliminate crop burning prior to harvesting. This traditional process is known to be damaging to the environment; instead Earthoil has employed alternative methods such as using biological pest controls, as well as performing soil rotation and conservation techniques. Using this method, sugar yields have been more than 20% higher on average compared with local non-organic alternatives. The recovered sugar is then fermented into ethanol, triple distilled and filtered.

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“Denatured ethanol is an essential and trusted component of a huge number of fragrance compositions,” said Richard Eyles, Senior Business Development Manager at Earthoil. “It is used as a fresh, clean, neutral base to create scents across personal care categories, as well as build complex fine fragrances. So with consumers continuing to favour organic and natural products in these sectors, it makes commercial sense to offer formulators a way to respond to this trend using a quality ingredient.”

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