Earthoil Plantations: The coconut craze continues


With no signs of its popularity or demand slowing down the provenance of Earthoil coconut oil will keep your consumers excited.  Coconut grows prolifically across tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world and its oil has been used as an ingredient in personal care, both as a skin moisturiser and hair conditioner for hundreds of years.

As it continues to gather pace in new product launches, we look at where it’s sourced, fresh off the plane from a recent visit to our suppliers in As it continues to gather pace in new product launches, Earthoil look at where it’s sourced, fresh off the plane from a recent visit to their suppliers in Samoa. During their stay Earthoil visited several farmers both in Savai’i and Upolu islands to see the coconut production first hand. As opposed to most coconut oils in the market, Earthoil Samoan coconut oil is processed directly on the farm, ensuring the farmers themselves reap the financial benefits.   

Sustainable Sourcing

Earthoil supports a virgin coconut oil project in Samoa, run by a not-for-profit women’s foundation. This unique venture is aimed at rebuilding the economic independence of individual villages across the region. The foundation currently works with many family groups, with several virgin coconut oil (VCO) sites already up and running. This means any profit generated from the sale of this material returns to the village and the people within the community.

Organic Credentials

There are currently 667 certified farmers in the area – the majority of whom are growing coconuts. Around 20,000kg of coconut oil is produced a year and full organic certification has been obtained. This project is producing a livelihood for families, enabling them to remain at home and earn a regular income.

Collection and Production

The nuts are collected before being cracked open and the white flesh extracted by hand. This flaked flesh is then carefully dried before being passed through a hand-operated filter press to produce virgin coconut oil within an hour of cracking the nut.

Benefits in Cosmetics

Coconut oil has a high saturated fat content, making it a sustainable ingredient with a long shelf life. It is readily absorbed into the skin, as generations of users can confirm. It has high levels of antioxidants which, when the oil is used is cosmetic formulations, may help protect against free radical formation and damage to the skin. It has deep moisturising properties, making it a firm favourite across a number of applications.

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For more information about our Virgin Coconut Oil project in Samoa, download Earthoil’s infographic.

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