ESPA adds to \'age enhancing\' line with new serum


Lifestage NET8 Serum uses natural encapsulation technology (NET) to deliver blend of actives

Natural spa brand ESPA, which celebrated its 20th year in 2012, has added a serum to its line for mature skins, Lifestage. The Lifestage NET8 Serum uses natural encapsulation technology (NET) to deliver a blend of ten actives selected to target the visible signs of ageing in their purest, most concentrated form.

The capsules’ protective outer shells dissolve upon application, priming skin and releasing microspheres infused with the actives, which include L-carnosine, an antioxidant that also acts against the detrimental effect of glycolysis on the skin; Himalayan fleece vine (Polygonum cuspidatum root), an antioxidant that boosts the longevity gene; and liquorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) extract, which counters the ageing effects of the inflammatory process and evens skin tone.

The primer combined with the skin’s heat melts the microspheres and the high concentration of molecules inside means the actives quickly diffuse directly into the epidermis. Additionally, because the microspheres occur in different sizes, which release actives at different stages, the product works over an eight-hour period.

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The serum has been formulated for women with a biological (not necessarily chronological) age of 45+. "We\'re all about looking the best you can be at every stage of your life," commented ESPA founder Sue Harmsworth. "I hate the term anti-ageing – age enhancing is the term we prefer to use."