Dual dispensing: Coming out of the corner


The slowdown in packaging spend following 2008’s recession put the rise of dual dispensing technology on hold for a while. But new product launches and industry activity suggest that this format is about to have its moment to shine, as Christine Horgan explains

It is a universal truth that the ultimate goal for any retail business is to give the customer exactly what they want, when they want it and in a format customised as closely to their individual needs as possible. So why then, in a global cosmetic market of some US$450bn, does dual dispensing, which offers almost unlimited opportunities to deliver this customer experience, not even account for 0.25% of this market?

The answer lies partly in the chequered history that dual dispensing has had since it first appeared some 25 years ago and partly in that some of the technology was ahead of consumer requirements. It’s only in the last few years that changes in demand have created the ‘pull’ for ever more tailored personal care. The new generation of dual products offers powerful product chemistry through on-contact mixing, customer controlled variability and regimes, and has the potential to deliver in spades. Could now be the time for dual to move out from its niche?


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