Dr. Straetmans launches are all about offering innovative solutions

At the Suppliers' Day 2017 in New York, Dr. Straetmans is expanding its product portfolio in two of their main product lines.

This year’s new developments are focused on offering innovative and sometimes much needed solutions. In the field of preservation, the goal was to develop a suitable blend for a particular scope of application, wet wipes.

The new Verstatil MBO represents a tailor-made solution for different types of wet wipe liquids, achieving excellent efficacy, while keeping the costs at a low level.

In addition, Dr. Straetmans will present a new subrange within their emulsifier line, the symbio prot range, with three new products. These innovative emulsifier-blends are based on hydrolysed proteins, featuring an entirely different sensorial profile, combined with excellent skin compatibility.

Our strengths include the ability to provide innovation, flexibility and exceptional service. Our exclusive partner “Kinetik Technologies” adhere to these same principles delivering our raw material innovation to the US.

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