Dr Murad launches EyesUp campaign to combat digital overload

By Lucy Tandon Copp 29-Jun-2017

Founder of premium skin care brand Dr Murad launches campaign to raise awareness of the danger of digital-only relationships

Dr Murad, the premium skin care brand, has launched a campaign to educate consumers about the danger of digital overload.

The brand’s EyesUp campaign is designed to raise awareness of the the ill-effects of digital-only relationships and the positives of real-life human connections.

Consumers are invited to take a pledge to go #EyesUp on behalf of someone or something important to them.

Founder Dr Howard Murad said: “I believe healthy skin is a direct reflection of how we live our lives. But today, we are all living in an increasingly stressful, always-on environment.

“Over the past decade, I have been dedicated to helping people cope with the stress of modern living, or cultural stress.

“I have found that the key to conquering this type of stress is through meaningful human connections.”

The EyesUp campaign ties in with the brand’s wider repositioning and focus on ‘connected beauty’ – a concept that it believes is essential to well-being and beauty in the whole.

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The connected beauty ethos is underpinned by four pillars: nourish your skin, eat your water, awaken your body, be kind to your mind.