Dr. Hauschka helps tackle skin care concerns with correcting powders

By Becky Bargh 24-Aug-2020

The new launches are designed to work on different skin tones

Dr. Hauschka has introduced two new colour correcting powders to tackle an array of skin care concerns for different skin tones.

The products are said to combine botanical extracts, including black tea and witch hazel, with natural mineral pigments and hydrating oils to nourish and protect skin.

Consumers can select from multiple colours within the Activating Colour Correcting Powder (£25), which is designed to suit pale tones with dry, dehydrated or dull skin.

This powder comprises purple tones to reduce paleness, rose hues to add pink undertones, and peach and light brown to support natural colour, while reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

The brand’s Calming Colour Correcting Powder (£25), meanwhile, helps to neutralise redness for sensitive skin, and features a combination of blue and green shades to mitigate yellowness under the eyes.

Meanwhile, vanilla shades balance dark circles.

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Dr. Hauschka recommends applying the product directly onto bare skin or using it to set make-up, which gives a soft matte finish.