Dr Bronner’s works up a lather across the US


Soap manufacturer’s ALL-ONE Ark settles at Seattle Hemp Fest

Having bathed tens of thousands of revellers at festivals across the west coast of America, Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps is taking its ALL-ONE Ark – described as an ‘interblastive foam experience’ – to the Seattle Hemp Fest, which runs from 19-21 August.

Bathers are treated to a spa experience in which they can blast hemp foam, made from Dr Bronner’s fair trade organic soap, on themselves and their friends. According to Dr Bronner’s, the pelxi glass foam chamber is ecologically friendly as the foam blast uses only a fraction of the water used in a normal shower.

“My grandfather Emanuel Bronner created the liquid soap that people love today, but what is less well known is that my father Jim Bronner invented the leading Class-A firefighting foam used by firefighters in structure and forest fires across the country,” said David Bronner. “The ALL-ONE Ark Interblastive Foam Experience brings together my grandfather and father’s visions and allows us to share the joy of foam with thousands of people.”

This summer, the ALL-ONE Ark has already been deployed at festivals including Lightning In A Bottle, Harmony Festival, Sonic Boom, High Sierra Music Festival, The Oregon County Fair and Summer Meltdown. Seattle marks the end of the All-One Ark tour.

Videos, images and information can be found online at www.ALLONEArk.com.