Disruptive dermatology brand Curology secures $15m


Using an app, consumers can share images of their skin with licensed medical professionals who can then prescribe Curology's customised products

Curology, a US brand that offers a prescriptive skin care service without the need for appointments, has secured $15m in Series B Funding.

The funds will be used to meet the fast growth and demand that the business is facing. Curology launched in 2015 and, over the past year, Curology’s business has grown by 500%.

Curology founder and CEO David Lortscher said: “This funding will accelerate Curology’s mission to provide effective and affordable acne and anti-aging treatments to people across the country.

He added: “The capital raised will allow us to serve even more consumers frustrated by the skin care options available in the market today.”

Curology aims to take a bite out of the traditional dermatology market in the US. Using Curology’s app, consumers do not need to attend an appointment in person, but can instead gain personalised prescriptions for acne and ageing-related concerns digitally.

Using Curology’s app, consumers can take photos of their skin and share them with licensed medical professionals who, after initial consultation, can prescribe patients with customised topical medication.

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Courtney Robinson, Principal at Advance Vixeid Partners, an independent venture capital firm involved in Curology’s recent financing round, said: “By using technology to remove friction and cost from the conventional model, Curology can scale quickly and better serve consumers with accessible, effective, affordable treatment.”