Dermaclaim enlarges its portfolio of studies for in vitro and clinical tests with new protocols and equipments

Published: 14-Jun-2023

The Spanish dermocosmetic testing laboratory, focused on the analysis of products and the validation of efficacy claims through in vitro and clinical testing, continues its business growth plan with the acquisitions of new equipments, the setup of new protocols, and the hiring of another staff member

The efficacy laboratory has recently reached 250 studies since it was born in October 2021, with more than 400 samples tested until today, both for active ingredients suppliers and end-cosmetic products manufacturers. So far, more than 80 customers have used Dermaclaim’s testing services to substantiate the efficacy and functionality of their products.

With regard to new equipments, Dermaclaim has recently acquired the Nail Strainstress Meter NM 100 (Courage-Khazaka) for the instrumental evaluation of nails health. “We wanted to start working on nails care products since some time ago and this acquisition demonstrates this will. We are starting our first two projects for nail care during this month of June and July, and hopefully, much more will come.” – comments Daniel Molina, Quality & Project Manager of Dermaclaim Lab S.L. – “Nails have been usually evaluated using subjective visual assessment and consumer perception questionnaires. With this new equipment, we are able to instrumentally assess the health and biomechanical properties of the nails, additionally to the subjective evaluation or questionnaires”.

At the same time, the company continues developing new protocols for in vitro and clinical tests, in order to offer a wider range of services to its customers and keep the rhythm of scientific innovation. The following technical protocols have been developed in the last 6 months:

  • In vitro. Microbiome for hair scalp. Bacteria growth.
  • In vitro. Anti-hair loss. DHT quantification using UPLC-MS/MS.
  • In vitro. Lymphatic vessel permeability (FITC-dextran).
  • In vitro. Botox-like effect. Cleaved SNAP25 in cytosol.
  • In vitro. Botox-like effect. Acetylcholine levels in i-HNSC.
  • In vitro. Screening. 3’mRNA-seq Transcriptome Sequencing.
  • In vitro. Bacterial adhesion to keratinocytes (FITC).
  • Clinical. Short-term skin sensitivity and itching (capsaicin test).
  • Clinical. Anti-hair loss and strength (pull test, wash test, phototrichogram).
  • Clinical. Long-lasting sweatproof and smudgeproof for make-up.

“If we want to keep the trust of our current clients and having the possibility to work with new clients all over the world, it is mandatory that we ongoingly develop new protocols, either because some client asks for it or because we detect a need in the market. Scientific innovation is evolving rapidly every day, and we must accompany that rhythm”. – declares David González, CEO of the company.

Dermaclaim enlarges its portfolio of studies for in vitro and clinical tests with new protocols and equipments

Last, in order to assume the growth, the company hired last May a new person for the clinical department. Sara Murillo finished her three months of internship with the company and was directly hired to support the surveillance of the volunteers during the clinical studies and become the main contact between the volunteers participating and the technical team.

The new equipment, together with the new protocols, and the hiring of another staff will allow Dermaclaim to keep its business growth plan and satisfy their client’s needs. Currently, the laboratory has a portfolio with more than 140 references, with more than 100 studies ready for in vitro and ex vivo testing, together with more than 40 studies for clinical evaluation in human volunteers.






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