Demand for milder, safer and more eco-friendly products


Personal care manufacturers face demand for products made using milder, safer and more eco-friendly preservative technologies. Karen Winkowski and Andrea Wingenfeld present an effective and mild new solution

Demand for milder, safer and more eco-friendly products

Epoch-making Optiphen GP preservative solution is mild to skin, strong against contamination, but easy to use. In recent years the preservative, an essential additive in personal care products, has been widely discussed by the personal care industry due to consumers’ increasing focus on the safety of cosmetic products.

The invention of preservatives has undoubtedly been a great impetus for the industrialisation of the cosmetics industry.

As the name ‘preservative’ indicates, the function of this category of ingredients is to protect products against spoilage caused by the growth of microorganisms, so as to offer safe products to the consumers.


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