Delphic HSE opens new office in The Netherlands

Delphic HSE Solutions Limited has now fully registered and established a new business in The Netherlands.

Two principal factors influenced Delphic's decision to expand:

1. Demand

Delphic HSE continues to experience a sustained growth in the demand for services.

As an international consultancy providing specialist product safety and regulatory compliance services, Delphic offers industry-leading support to the supply chain.

By opening a second office in Europe to support UK operations, Delphic have more resources to meet the demand now and for the future.

2. Regulation

The eventual separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union will impact the way that Delphic HSE is able to provide services meeting EU regulations, in particular registrations.

Many of Delphic's services, particularly those related to cosmetics and where acting as a Responsible Person, require that the person or company delivering them does so from within the EU.

To ensure that Delphic can continue to provide services to companies within the EU, Delphic have established Delphic HSE (Europe) BV, based near Schiphol Airport and registered in The Netherlands.

The details are:
Delphic HSE (Europe) B.V.
The Base B
Evert van de Beekstraat 104
Schiphol, 1118CN
Tel: +31 (0) 20799 1525

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Delphic HSE Solutions Ltd, the Netherlands office will offer the full range of services in conjunction with existing offices and will meet the requirements of EU Regulation.

Existing Delphic clients that have appointed Delphic as their Responsible Person can rest assured that Delphic's legal obligations remain fulfilled, but will in future be managed from the Dutch office rather than the UK.

For those clients not using Delphic as their Responsible Person who may be concerned about their legal position and levels of risk, please feel free to contact a member of Delphic's technical team for advice and find out how they can help.

This set-up will also allow Delphic to be ready for any pending UK specific regulations.

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