Deciem focuses on sustainability for second anti-Black Friday boycott

By Sarah Parsons 3-Nov-2020

The maker of The Ordinary has renewed its annual hyper-consumption protest campaign

Deciem, the maker of The Ordinary and NIOD, has launched its second Black Friday boycott.

In 2019, the Canadian skin care company closed its bricks-and-mortar stores and website on the last Friday of November to protest against the shopping event. Instead, Deciem offered a discount throughout the entire month to promote 'considered purchases'.

This year, Deciem has renewed its month-long 23% sales as part of its 'Bye-bye Black Friday. Hello KNOWvember' campaign.

"Our customers support us all year round, so bringing them a saving is an important marker of our gratitude," said Nicola Kilner, CEO of Deciem.

"However, it is essential that we do this in a way that shows responsibility for both people and the planet.

"By offering a month-long discount across every product from every brand, we hope to eliminate the hype that is so commonly associated with promotions, and encourage people to buy less, but better."

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Bye-bye Black Friday. Hello KNOWvember. Last November, we asked you to shop slowly. 🐢 We said that skincare purchases should be based on education, not impulse because we value conscious consumption. For us, Black Friday no longer felt like a people or planet-friendly event, and so we closed our stores and website for a moment of nothingness. We did, however, still want to bring you a saving. And so, we did something we had never done before by offering 23% off every product for the entire month. Starting today, that 23% saving is back, but with a commitment to share daily educational content for the entire month, which we have named KNOWvember—a mindful month of education, research, reflection, and consideration. 🔬🤔 For a preview of what to expect this month, please visit the link in our bio or 📚 Hyper-consumerism remains one of the biggest threats to the planet, and we know that an urgent change in how humans produce and consume products is required. The UN communicated that “according to latest projections, the global population could grow to around 8.5 billion in 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050. The equivalent of almost three planets could be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain current lifestyles.” ( On November 27th—formerly known as Black Friday—we will be pressing pause. Our stores and website will be closed, once again, for a moment of nothingness. We hope KNOWvember and our month-long discount will empower you with the resources required to buy less, but better. Enjoy, and please remember to shop slowly :-)

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To coincide with the sale, the brand owner will be launching a five-part series of Skintellectual videos that aim to promote 'education over impulse' and answer some of consumers' most common skin care questions.

Kilner added: "On 27 November (the day formerly known as Black Friday), we will be pressing pause, and our stores and website will be closed.

"It’s important to us to ensure that we do not play a part in encouraging impulse-driven purchasing.

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"Hyper-consumerism remains one of the biggest threats to the planet, and we know that an urgent change in how humans produce and consume products is required."