DUO Pen with a Two-color-ink-system


This innovative product will provide you with more makeup options than ever...

This innovative product will provide you with more makeup options than ever. The DUO liner pen with a two-color ink system will give you the possibility to combine two different products in one pen. Whether you want to have eyeliner and a lip liner, lipstick and a lip liner, eyeliner and an eyebrow in one pen it is entirely up to you. With the two-color-ink-system and different applicators this pen makes all combinations possible. For classical or extravagant styling…it does it all. One pen for all styles!

With a Know-how of 24 years, we are enthusiastic & willing to follow & realizing NEW project developments for our clients: unique tailor made service!
We always keep enriching our products range with NEWEST product developments:

Our 2 in 1 Cuticle Repair & Trimmer, taking care of the beauty of your nails is going to be so easy, thanks to the innovative tip, which will last until the pen is empty. It guarantees a quick and easy treatment – pure luxury!

xs Eyeliner with G-type, the cutest eyeliner you ever seen: “cute as hell” & with G-type tip which allow to draw fine as well thicker line fast & without effort!

Tattoo Stamp pen ~ World Novelty!

United Brands is the first cosmetic company to develop this product. It was first released in a MONO packaging with a tip on only one side. Shortly after it was developed and is now available in DUO packaging with tips on both sides. This allows a great variety of possible designs and combinations.
You can place cute stars and hearts on your face and body with only one pen. There are plenty of available designs- smiley, heart, star, skull, anchor and many more.
It can be used for concert, festivals, and parties, on New Year, Halloween, or whenever you want to feel like a star.
Children will simply love this product for Halloween parties, Children’s Birthday parties, and whenever your child wants to feel special.
The TATTOO STAMP PEN is available in 24h formula and now also in our new WATERPROOF formula.

the first Brush Applicator with filter system, ideal for eyeliner as well as for eyebrow, enables an accurate application, thanks to its specifically innovative shape and its fibers, made of particularly pleasant texture!

NEW Metalized Packaging, perfect for giving your product an elegant & sophisticated outlook, available silver & gold!

We are providers in customized solutions for private label cosmetics. For over 20 years, United Brands has been creating beautiful quality liner cosmetics for companies all around the world.

We are glad to offer a variety of:
- Packaging
- Formulas
- Colors
- Printing
- Tips
FULL SERVICE just for you!

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