DSM’s SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER 2.0, now with eco-profiling


DSM’s SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER 2.0 offers a smart way to choose and combine UV filters for optimum performance

Sun protection products must become more environmentally friendly – and when original thinking meets established science they can.

Our virtual lab, DSM’s SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER 2.0 now includes eco-profiling, offering a smart way to choose and combine UV filters for optimum performance… helping to keep people safe in the sun and to protect our planet.

Strike the right balance between SPF performance, cost, sensory factors and eco-friendliness

To give you a reliable, fact-based and transparent way of evaluating the UV-filters in your formulations we’ve added a new eco-profiling feature to our DSM SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER, which is based on a sound benchmarking and classification method.

And even better, you can save time and expense by assessing the trade-off between eco-friendliness, costs and sensory factors (oil load) already at the project stage.

Its three-tier approach to eco-profiling uses established data under Reach and enables you to make side by side comparisons across different formulations.

You can also share results immediately with your co-workers to adjust your products instantly, in real time.

And so that everyone can take action, our tool is available, free of charge to all.

Formulate the eco-friendly way now.

New features:

  • Integrated into the current DSM SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER
  • Evaluate environmental friendliness, costs and oil load – instantly and in real time
  • Adjust sun protection products on-the-go
  • Eco-rate formulations based on market and SPF benchmarking
  • Fact-based, transparent, inclusive.

Make your SPF products fit for the future with our DSM SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER 2.0.

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