DSM to exhibit new ingredients and formulations at in-cosmetics global


2018 in-cosmetics Global trade show in Amsterdam on 17–19 April, Stand C70

DSM Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients, one of the industry’s leading suppliers to the personal care, home care and fine fragrance markets, will be attending the 2018 in-cosmetics Global trade show in Amsterdam on 17–19 April.

Visitors to Stand C70 can learn about the business unit’s latest innovations in personal care and the company’s representatives will be engaging in various activities throughout the show.

Ease the stress!

People all over the world are increasingly concerned about the effects of stress on their health. And according to market analysts Mintel, more and more consumers are linking stress to skin condition.

In the UK, for example, 66% of women feel that a stressful lifestyle is affecting the appearance of their skin. Consequently, consumers are looking for ways to streamline their beauty care regime giving them a little extra “me time” to relax and re-energise.

DSM’s no-stress ingredients and formulations

DSM has developed a range of skin, hair, sun and makeup ingredients and formulations to ease the stress on consumers. These include:

BEL-EVEN - for skin relief from day-to-day stresses
The body uses cortisol, a natural hormone, to deal with stresses of all kinds. However, when this line of defence is overloaded and levels of cortisol in the skin are persistently high, skin may react with undesirable signs of premature ageing. DSM has developed a timely cosmetic solution able to sustainably rebalance the skin’s own stress management system.

PENTAVITIN - the true hydration artist
City life is an amazing experience but it exposes skin to constant attack, causing it to dry out easily. Amazing images demonstrate the true hydration power of DSM’s natural moisture-magnet PENTAVITIN. Three hours after a single application, excessively dry skin areas are already much better hydrated. Used daily, PENTAVITIN improves the appearance of stressed skin, provides powerful hydration to all facial areas, giving consumers a confidence boost.

UV Flash Tone for one-step care
Inspired by Korean tone-up creams, this formulation blurs the boundaries between skin care, makeup and sun care. Although it is transparent, this fluid UV Flash Tone provides a velvet sensation and a smooth, flawless “glass” skin. Enriched in UV-filters and actives its provides efficient protection against UV and blue light.

Alp’Dry Shampoo
For stress-free hair care between washes, this dry shampoo leaves hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean with minimum fuss.

Texturising Beach Spray
For that relaxed, just-back-from-the-beach look. This hybrid product styles, protects and cares for hair.

Messy Matte Gum
Effortlessly styles, protects and cares for hair: sculpt, texturise and scrunch for high definition with a soft, matte finish.

Millennials are very knowledgeable when it comes to sun protection but…

Unlike the Hair and Skin segments, Sun Care does not yet offer products dedicated to this target market.

Despite being highly connected, Millennials may therefore be missing out on products that deliver on their expectations.

DSM offers concepts and formulations designed specifically to appeal to Millennials.

No FOMO sun stick SPF 50
Even the most harassed consumer need have no Fear Of Missing Out key regions of the face like the eye contour, nose and mouth area with this easy-to-use sun protection stick.

• High glide moisturising sun essence SPF 30
A lightweight, not-whitening formulation that leaves skin feeling dry and silky. With Niacinamide PC for added protection against blue light and pollution, and Hyaluronic Acid for enhanced hydration.

Total protection into the blue and shine control SPF 50
A SPF 50 formulation that takes the stress out of formulating actives at low pH and delivers protection into the blue-light spectrum. Controls shine, combats the onset of fine lines, and moisturises skin.

Ease the stress of sunscreen development – with DSM’s upgraded SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER

Launched in November 2017, DSM’s SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER enables all sunscreen formulators to develop products more efficiently and to optimise existing formulations before going on to verify SPF performance in vivo.

The upgraded version of this handy tool with lots of new features will be presented for the first time at in-cosmetics.

Don’t miss out on DSM’s activities at in-cosmetics

Wherever you go at this year’s in-cosmetics, DSM will be there. Visit the Sensory and Make-up Bars to discover inspirational, on-trend formulations.

Learn about our latest product innovation in the Innovation Zone and take part in our Formulation Lab session for ideas on innovative hair care. And don’t forget to join us in the Sustainability Corner to find out how we’re tackling the societal challenge of skin cancer.

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*BEL-EVEN, PENTAVITIN and SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER are registered trademark ingredients of DSM Personal Care