Croda launches skin hydration and cuticle defence products


The latest products derived from superfoods.

Croda launches its latest products derived from superfoods.
Hydroastivum P for powerful moisturisation and anti-irritancy properties for the hair and skin; and Crodasone P for protection against cuticle cracking caused by heat and styling damage.

Cosmetic Proteins from Superfoods

Ingredients derived from ‘superfood’ sources have become increasingly popular and the number of personal care products with claims focused on superfood connotations have more than doubled in the last few years (Source: GNPD, March 2014). Croda have used their 40 years of experience in proteins to develop two new biopolymers that not only meet the trend but provide functional benefits to final products. Hydroastivum P and Crodasone P are both derived from the superfood Pisum sativum or ‘pea’ which is popular for its high protein content, unique assortment of phyto-nutrients and antioxidant properties. In personal care applications, Pisum sativum provides a rich source of amino acids. Hydrosativum P and Crodasone P both contain high levels of glutamic acid, aspartic acid, argenine and lysine all of which have vital properties for hair and skin care.

Hydrolysed proteins such as wheat and silk have been used to impart moisture and conditioning properties to the hair and skin for decades. Over 40 years ago, Croda was the first to bring cosmetic grade proteins to the industry and has been at the forefront of biopolymer innovation ever since. Proteins adsorb readily onto the surface of skin and hair and are generally hygroscopic, meaning they attract water molecules from the air to act as humectants.

Hydrosativum P

Obtain hydration harmony with Hydrosativum P, a highly moisture retentive biopolymer that exhibits powerful moisturisation properties in hair and skin care formulations. Hydrosativum P immerses the skin with moisture to improve firmness and elasticity which promotes younger looking skin. As well as moisturisation benefits Hydrosativum P has additional anti-irritancy properties ideal for skin and scalp care. Hydrosativum P is naturally substantive to a variety of hair types from different ethnicities binding to moisture and hydrating hair at a wide range of humidities, increasing hair plasticity to help prevent breakage.

Crodasone P

Defend cuticles from heat and styling damage with Crodasone P, an advanced copolymer that offers proven protection against cuticle cracking caused by common hair styling practices such as blow-drying, combing and styling. Due to its complex polymeric structure, Crodasone P cross-links on drying to form a conditioning and protective network that offers functional benefits to all types of hair care products. Studies have shown that Crodasone P can reduce thermal cracking by 49% in an aqueous spritz and 38% in a conditioner system. Crodasone P is ideally suited to leave-on styling products or conditioners claiming heat defence but is also proven to be effective in rinse-off applications such as shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments to defend the cuticles from damage caused during styling.

Superfood Formulations

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Croda have developed a range of formulations packed full of superfoods to meet the market need. ‘Super Satin Cooling Lotion’ is a cooling skin moisturiser that contains Hydrosativum P and blueberry extract. ‘Scoopable Hair Souffle’ is a nourishing hair mask with a novel texture that contains Crodasone P for cuticle protection, Hydrosativum P to lavish the hair and scalp with moisture and is packed full of superfoods including pomegranate, apple and blueberry. ‘Blow-Dry Defender Spritz’ is a thermally activated heat defence spray with extracts of pea and goji berry. Finally the ‘DD Hair Rescue Shield’ offers multifunctional claims to meet the ‘10 in 1’ concept including; anti-breakage, anti-ageing, blow-dry defence, targeted repair, long-lasting conditioning, environmental protection, moisturisation, gloss, smoothing and detangling.

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