Croda Personal Care launches new website


Users can manage their sample requests, literature downloads and view favourite items to come back to

Croda Personal Care launches new website

Global specialty chemical company Croda International Plc are delighted to announce the launch of their new Personal Care website.

Croda identifies the growing needs of Personal Care ingredients buyers and has worked to provide an online platform that caters to the needs of its users both today, and in the future.

Newly streamlined pages with an elevated look and feel, alongside the enhanced My Account section, allows you to tailor communications from us, to help develop your current and future concepts and innovations.

In this area, users can also manage their sample requests, literature downloads and view favourite items to come back to.

Croda are passionate about being thought leaders and our new Blog allows us to comment on topics surrounding sustainability and cosmetic innovations.

The fast-moving, dynamic trends of the Personal Care market are closely observed by weekly blogs created by global sales, technical and marketing experts, offering their knowledge and opinion on the latest industry news.

Their new website is more interactive than ever before with the creation of improved and advanced tools, allowing you to easily navigate and formulate with our extensive portfolio.

The Solaveil Calculator is perfect for use in the labs to help formulate for desired SPF and allowing SPF and UVA labelling requirements to be achieved.

Their Moonshine Effect Pigments tool enables users to explore our five-product series, modelled on different skin tones.

Our newly created SenStories selector tool helps to develop formulations with targeted sensory, aligning with consumer expectations in Europe and Asia.

Explore their Formulation Finder to help with the formulation development process of Personal Care innovations, now available in Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese.

You can filter by phase type, specific products and ingredients, as well as certification and regulatory requirements.

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