Creating the perfect pack to increase a beauty brand’s ROI

Good packaging is at the core of establishing a visual connection between product and producer – it needs to be engaging and consistent, and with 70% of purchasing decisions made in-store, and a third of this decision-making based on packaging, it can’t be overstated how crucial this is to your product’s success. Here, Jeremy Freedman explains how brands can ensure their packs design will return on their investment

Skin Proud recently moved away from its customary pink packaging to reflect its green ethos

Jeremy Freedman

Jeremy Freedman is the managing director of contract manufacturer of individual wet wipe and liquid filled sachets, Guardpack.

His experience in packaging and branding ensure customer and client loyalty, having developed a myriad of different products within the cosmetics industry, under the Guardpack and mywipe brands.

While there may not be a magic formula or algorithm that guarantees ROI [return on investment], he says there are certain steps brands can take to ensure their product’s packaging is up to scratch.

Here, he explains how brands can ensure their packaging design is successful, in order to increase their ROI. . . .

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