Cosmydor gives a nod one of consumers’ ‘most popular forms of transport’ with new launch

By Becky Bargh 31-Jul-2020

The packaging is adorned with bicycles to pay homage to the sport

Indie French beauty brand Cosmydor has dedicated it’s latest beauty product packaging design to one of consumers’ ‘most popular ways to get around’.

Cosmydor describes the new Le Savon Du Cycliste’s (RRP £17) bicycle design as “bold, colourful and unique”, and showcases the brand’s dedication to the sport, as well as art and design.

The cold-pressed soap is said to be infused with black cumin seed oil, clove leaf and cinnamon essential oils, to offer skin a deep moisturisation.

The bar is also said to boast natural anti-stain and anti-odour qualities.

"We launch cyclist soaps annually to celebrate all the cyclist events happening during the summer months, and this year it only felt right that the design was extra bold in response to the coronavirus crisis and the increased use of one of the world’s most popular forms of transport," Cosmydor's founder Xavier Quattrocchi-Oubradous told Cosmetics Business.

"As always, our cold-pressed soaps are organic and free of any nasties, and we are extra proud of this one due to its unique packaging and relevance to the current climate."

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