Cosmetics Business in conversation with Vytrus Biotech


Vytrus Biotech's Òscar Expósito discusses the supplier's unique stem cell-derived active ingredients for use in cosmetics

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Vytrus Biotech is a company specialising in plant stem cell-derived active ingredients for the cosmetics sector.

The Barcelona-based firm has enjoyed an especially successful 2020, with two of its new ingredients winning Gold and Silver in the Active Ingredients category at the prestigious in-cosmetics Global Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards.

In this exclusive interview, Òscar Expósito, CEO, CSO and co-founder of Vytrus Biotech, tells Cosmetics Business about its prize-winning ingredients and the unique technology behind them.

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Cosmetics Business in conversation with Vytrus Biotech

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This interview was led by Julia Wray, Technical Editor at Cosmetics Business. To learn more about the Cosmetics Business team, visit About Cosmetics Business.

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