Cosmetics Business in conversation with Dr. PAWPAW


Johnny and Pauline Paterson, founders of Dr. PAWPAW, reveal to cosmetics business their entrepreneurial journey and NPD inspiration for their natural, multi-purpose beauty brand

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Multi-purpose natural beauty specialist Dr. PAWPAW first launched onto the beauty landscape in 2013 with its signature yellow-packaged Original Balm.

Eight years later, the British brand has expanded into colour, lip, hair care and more.

In this interview, founders Johnny and Pauline Paterson share with Cosmetics Business their NPD inspiration, the importance of CSR and building an entrepreneurial community.

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Cosmetics Business in conversation with Dr. PAWPAW

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This interview was led by Sarah Parsons, Features Editor at Cosmetics Business. To learn more about the Cosmetics Business team, visit About Cosmetics Business.