Cosmetic Valley rewards eco-responsibility


French centre of excellence Cosmetic Valley has given five of its members æpeony\' awards for their commitment to eco-responsibility.

French centre of excellence Cosmetic Valley has given five of its members  'peony' awards for their commitment to eco-responsibility.

The aim of the awards is to ensure that products and services respect both humankind and the planet. The organisation's charter - Pour une Cosmetic Valley Écoresponsable – can award 1-4 peonies (the symbol of Cosmetic Valley) according to the level of importance of the eco-activity the firm has engaged in. Fifty of the Valley's members have signed up to the charter.

Alban Muller International was awarded four peonies for its site at Fontenay-sur-Eure. For 30 years the company has specialised in the research and development of vegetable-derived actives. It won the award specifically for its work on plant-derived colour pigments; plant-based preservatives that might provide an alternative to synthetics; the planting of a green belt around its gardens, with creation of local green space; and the creation of a herboretum to create awareness of biodiversity.

Laboratoires Expanscience was awarded four peonies for its plant at Epernon, Eure-et-Loir. The company is known mainly for two brands: babycare brand Mustela and Noviderm, which specialises in products for young people with skin disorders. The Epernon site combines both production and research and also produces actives for other companies. Significant steps the firm has taken include membership of the UN Global Compact (since 2004); associations with local and international ecology groups; partnership with AFLAR (Association Francaise de Lutte Anti-Rhumatismale) for people with osteoarthritis; its application of a responsible communications charter; voluntary CSR (corporate social responsibility) on its activities, based on ISO 26000; the insulation of its headquarters building with a green roof; application of the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) protocol on its packaging; and the replacement of a hot emulsion production process by a cold process that cuts water consumption and production time by 75 per cent.

Ileos/Biopack was awarded three peonies for its site at Val-de-Reuil, Eure. The company is known for its wide portfolio of market samples, single-dose packaging and miniproducts but also offers packaging and packaging services to other companies. It won its award for creating visual aids to accompany new measures in sorting waste; instituting internal recommendations to encourage 'sober' behaviour and energy saving; its waste-management site; and enlightening employees about the company's environmental impact, including producing a mini-guide.

Shiseido International France was awarded three peonies for its Ormes and Gien sites in the Loiret. Significent eco-steps the firm has taken include installation of a vacuum cooling air pump, leading to a significant reduction in water consumption; installation of three beehives on site to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity; an evaluation of 50 CSR providers; a new mobile washer tank that consumes less water; installation of a lower-power lighting relay; and the creation of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) procedures in different areas of the business to convey its commitment to the environment.

Finally, ID Bio, a company that specialises in the production of botanical extracts, was awarded a peony for its commitment to a Quality Safety Environment and completing ISO 14001 certification.

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