Coronavirus: This K-beauty brand has released the first-ever mask designed to be worn under face masks

By Austyn King 7-Oct-2020

The Shield & Soothe Hydrogel PPE Facial Under Mask from MasqueBAR has been developed to tackle 'maskne' and other skin issues consumers face during the Covid-19 pandemic

With Covid-19 cases once again on the rise, sheet mask brand MasqueBAR is coming to the aid of consumers suffering from stressed skin or 'maskne' with the first-ever hydrogel mask designed to be worn under face masks.

According to the K-beauty-inspired brand, wearing a face mask every day causes continuous rubbing against the skin, which leads to microscopic tears that leave skin more susceptible to dirt and oils that cause breakouts, or 'maskne'.

In response, MasqueBAR has created its Shield & Soothe Hydrogel PPE Facial Under Mask, specially designed to be worn under PPE or non-medical masks as a preventative measure, to act as a barrier and to help soothe and repair damaged skin both during and after mask use.

Allan Lever, CEO of MasqueBAR, told Cosmetics Business: "With Covid not going away and PPE mask use staying around – causing a new ailment, 'maskne' – it seemed obvious as the mask experts to create a mask that can be worn under PPE or used after for treatment.

"The Shield & Soothe mask serves both as a barrier to shield against the PPE mask rubbing and possible acne and, with hyaluronic acid and aloe, soothes to treat outbreaks."

The product has been formulated with hyaluronic acid to create an invisible barrier on the skin, said to improve skin structure, promote skin cell regeneration, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and leave skin feeling smooth and soft.

Meanwhile, the mask also contains aloe extract, rich in antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins A and C, to moisturise skin and help to heal wounds.

Masking up

Peel-off or wash-off face masks have seen a surge in popularity during the pandemic, jumping by 7% to being used by 32% of UK women according to Mintel, as consumers seek more ways to de-stress and treat themselves at-home.

Lever noted: "The self-care trend to do spa treatments at home with limited access to spas has created an expanding use for masks at home.

"Also, with more time at home, people are looking for things to do. There have even been masking Zoom parties."

And with this trend set to continue, there are number of opportunities for beauty brands to adapt to changing consumer needs, he told Cosmetics Business.

"Beauty brands need to have products that address current skin needs – ie maskne.

"Products that are fun and social media-friendly are needed so we can maintain social contact."

Furthermore: "Products must be easy to purchase through DTC with store closures and openings.

"New innovation is imperative as people have more time to explore online," added Lever.

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MasqueBAR will also be donating a number of masks, as well as a portion of proceeds from sales, to charity Donate Beauty, which works to support health care workers on the front lines in the ongoing fight against Covid-19.