Colour burst: The latest ingredients for eyes and nails


Ever-changing trends and regulatory pressures are encouraging developers of colour cosmetics to adapt. Dr Christophe Delas discusses the latest movements in the creation of nail lacquer and eye make-up products

Colour burst: The latest ingredients for eyes and nails

During the past decade, the world of cosmetics has witnessed numerous changes due to trends, ingredients bans and regulatory pressures. As a worldwide leader in the development of turnkey products for both nail polish and mascara, IL Cosmetics will in this article revisit the most relevant changes in these two important categories.

Nail polish: Nitrocellulose remains

Nitrocellulose is the all-time favourite ingredient for formulators of coloured nail polishes.

It provides gloss, makes the formation of the film possible and it is hard. Besides the ever-present nitrocellulose, formulation has dramatically changed and numerous ingredients have almost disappeared from shelves.

With pressure from brands, trends and regulatory changes, toluene, which was widely used as a co-solvent in nail enamels, remains now only in a few geographic areas.

This ingredient is still allowed for use in nail polishes, but for safety reasons it was ...

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