Coconut beauty 'revolution' afoot as sector now worth £12m

By Sarah Parsons 1-Aug-2017

The tropical ingredient has helped sales soar by 23% in the UK

Coconut beauty 'revolution' afoot as sector now worth £12m

Coconut-inspired beauty is now worth £12m a year in the UK, according to market analysis group IRI.

The new research reveals that sales of the ingredient-led product has increased by 23% year-on-year and is said to correspond with the growing popularity of coconut-inspired food and drink.

Coconut hair care has seen particularly strong growth over the last year as sales have soared by 29%, driven largely by coconut oils and milks to condition hair.

Conditioners grew by 50% to £3.5m and shampoos by 31% to £4.1m.

“I think what we’re actually seeing is something of a coconut revolution, rather than just a fad, as the gap between food and drink and health and beauty closes, suggesting that more and more people are looking to products and ingredients that look after both their internal and external health,” said Kaajal Bhatti, Retail Insight Manager, IRI.

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“There are a few ingredients that work well across both sectors, like lemon and aloe vera, and coconut is a great example of this.”