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Looking ahead, to bring you ahead

In a rapidly changing world, requirements and consumer needs are ever-changing, which increase the demands on each and every one of us. This effects the demands placed on companies and brands. Instead of quick reactions - we need to be the fastest. Instead of being generalists - we claim for specialists. Instead of reactionaries - proactivists. Instead of guessing, envisioning.

Clariant Personal Care offers a complete range of cosmetic ingredients, including actives, care ingredients such as moisturisers, emollients, emulsifiers, film formers, hair conditioning agents, pearlisers, preservatives, and mild surfactants.

We provide innovative personal care ingredients and premium cosmetic formulations to support hair and skin care globally, as well as specific solutions for applications such as men’s care, teenage or baby care, wet wipes, colour cosmetics, hair styling, and sun protection.

Our services

Functions: Moisturisers, emollients, emulsifiers, film formers, hair conditioning agents, pearlisers, preservatives, and mild surfactants

Applications: Hair and skin care, as well as specific solutions for applications such as men’s care, teenage or baby care, wet wipes, colour cosmetics, hair styling, and sun protection

Portfolio pillars: Sensorial effects, functional ingredients, natural ingredients, preservation, active ingredients.

Sensorial effects:Envisioning all aspects of your senses is about creating appealing formulations capturing every aspect of touch and feel to please the five senses.

Functional ingredients: Envisioning the next benefit is about developing outstanding product features made for tomorrow’s customer needs.

Natural ingredients: Envisioning a call from nature is about taking ownership of our actions and providing high-performing green technologies and inspiring solutions.

Preservation: Envisioning a safe and effective path is about exceeding expectations of the ever changing needs of a safe preservation.

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Active ingredients: Powered by nature. Advanced with science.