Chemyunion reimagines retinol


Retinoids are among the most recommended anti-ageing agents; however, their use is associated with photosensitivity and skin irritation.

New active Revinage from Chemyunion is an active composed of a botanical supercritical extract that is rich in phytol, a precursor of the phytanic acid that is a ligand of retinoid x receptor (RXR).

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Revinage’s concept has been found in vitro to increase the synthesis of collagen (+24%) and elastin (+26%); increase the level of cell turnover factors EGF and TGF-β by 108% and 41% respectively; increase antioxidant enzymes CAT and SOD by 47% and 247% respectively; and reduce inflammatory mediators COX-2 (-69%), PEG2 (-26%) and LTB4 (-28%).