Charlotte Tilbury lifts lid on new colour cosmetic launches

By Becky Bargh 13-Aug-2020

The British make-up artist’s new products are inspired by jewels on the red carpet

Charlotte Tilbury has lifted the lid on a new collection of colour cosmetics.

Joining the brand’s portfolio is the Jewel Lips line in the brand’s famous Pillow Talk and Walk of No Shame shades, which are said to give a mirror-like finish.

The product is claimed to last for up to seven hours and is blended with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and diamond powder.

The brand has also welcomed its new Jewel Pots line featuring the same two shades.

The cream eyeshadow creates a wet-look on eyelids that gives a multi-dimensional glow and includes macadamia oil, argan oil, vitamin E and pearl pigments.

Tilbury said she was inspired by jewels on the red carpet to create the new product.

“I was inspired by the red carpet glamour of jewels and the universally flattering effect of my most iconic celebrity-loved shades, Pillow Talk and Walk of No Shame.

“Just as my celebrity clients will complete their red carpet look with a show-stopping cascade of diamonds and rubies, I wanted to bottle the exquisite light-play of jewels to give your eyes and lips the most dazzling clarity of colour that catches the light to make them look smoother, brighter and more mesmerising.”

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The products are now available exclusively at and at stores across the UK, US, Middle East and Hong Kong.