Charles River to present microbial detection and identification solutions


Charles River will exhibit at in-cosmetics North America - stand C81

Charles River to present microbial detection and identification solutions

In today's challenging regulatory environment, the pressure to release products faster while eliminating the risk of contamination continues to increase.

Scrutiny from regulatory agencies surrounding cosmetic product safety is becoming magnified, and the need to ensure quality testing systems are adequate without impeding production is essential.

With these increasingly complex consumer, regulatory, and production demands, many small to midsize manufacturers of ingredients and products are failing to adapt and adopt better methods for assessing product quality and safety, especially in the eyes of regulatory agencies.

Releasing contaminated product poses a greater risk to consumer safety and your brand than ever before. Since cosmetics are FDA-regulated, agencies are beginning to hold manufacturers accountable for the safety and quality of their products, just as they do in the pharmaceutical industry.

With legislative changes proposed that would increase regulatory oversight, cosmetic manufacturers must be concerned about the safety of personal care product ingredients, inspection of facilities and records, and developing good manufacturing practices.

To adopt cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) in a production environment, most manufacturers must undertake a series of upgrades to improve their quality system, production process, and product release testing.

In the past, these improvements were frequently dismissed as too expensive and resource-dependent to implement. Though the cost of implementation may be considered relatively high, the risks and long-term costs of outdated quality testing methods is higher.

Advances in science have allowed for improvements in technology to quickly and accurately determine whether a product is contaminated, identify the exact organism, and confirm the quality of the product.

Visit Charles River stand C81 to learn more about improving your quality control processes with the latest technologies. Not attending? Explore their portfolio here:

You can also connect with Charles River representatives by attending the following technical seminar, presented by Don English: Microbial Testing & Quality Control in Cosmetic Manufacturing.

Don't miss this technical presentation by Donald English, an industry veteran with over 40 years of experience at the bench and managerial levels in industrial microbiology.

He has worked in the Research and Development and Quality Control Microbiology Laboratories at Avon Products, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, and Merck and Co.

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The seminar will cover:

  • The importance of environmental monitoring & accurate microbial identification
  • Microbial content testing of raw ingredients and finished product formulations
  • Rapid microbial detection methods and evaluation criteria for objectionable microorganisms

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