Chanel partners with PAT to create brand’s first regenerating anti-ageing product


Technology stimulates metabolism of plants

Chanel Research and Technology has entered into an exclusive partnership with French plant biology specialist Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT) to develop a line of pure active ingredients produced at the heart of plants.

Chanel will launch its first regenerating anti-ageing skin care product containing an active substance developed using the new PAT technology in 2013. The technology now makes it possible for selection and purification processes to take place at the very heart of the plant. It involves stimulating the metabolism of plants, which then express compounds in concentrations that may reach 50 times higher than normal.

For Chanel’s new product launch, over 1,200 sqm of soil-less culture is currently being developed in PAT greenhouses to produce and purify a polyphenolic Edulis extract. This polyactive compound is a powerful anti-ageing agent that is able to act simultaneously on several key factors involved in ageing.

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Christian Mahé, Senior Vice-President at Chanel R&T, said: “This research is a welcome addition to our expertise in active ingredients and it sets the stage for new production and purification possibilities. Since 2006, we have been working on a truly novel strategy, based on investigating and using polyactive compounds. Our partnership with PAT will take us even further in this new direction, with the development of a process in which the plants themselves produce these compounds. This original technology will enable us to provide purer and more powerful active ingredients featuring innovative anti-ageing, hydration and protective properties for applications in skin care products.”